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Therapeutic Workshops

Led by a Registered Therapist, our Therapeutic Workshops are centred on a Health At Every Size® approach and they are designed to support folks who struggle with chronic dieting and disordered eating.  The workshops will run for around 90 minutes and can hold up to 6 participants (over the age of 18).  


Our Therapeutic Workshops are a space where folks who are concerned about their relationships with their bodies and food can connect and learn more about how to find freedom from the shackles of diet-culture and disordered eating.


You don't have to have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder to deserve support.

So watch this space!  We will be adding posters and adverts for my upcoming workshops as I go, but please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.  Hope to see you there xx

p.s. Sometimes we run workshops exclusively for women, so be sure to keep an eye out if that's what you're looking for!

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Previous Workshops

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Get in Touch

It can feel intimidating to reach out to a stranger for support, but we hope to make the process as comfortable as possible.  When filling out the form, it's helpful if you can tell us what brings you to therapy at this point in your life and whether you're interested in Eating Disorder Therapy, Workshops or Group Therapy.  Otherwise feel free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable telling us about yourself and your concerns.

Your information will be sent to Jenna, our Clinical Director, who will strive to reply within 48 hrs - excluding weekends. From there, we can arrange for an initial consultation with one of our therapists.  


*Please don't forget to check your junk e-mail folder if you're expecting a reply from us!  x

Privacy Policy and Data Protection:

If you get in touch, you agree to have the personal data that you submit in this form stored on our website and in our e-mail, which only employees of Freedom To Be Therapy have access to.   This information will be used to contact you about our available services, and we will not explicitly share it with any third party.  If you would like to read through the Privacy Policy for Wix, our website provider, you can do so here.  You can submit a request to have a copy of your personal data or to have it permanently deleted.  To do so, please e-mail us to let me know this is what you would like to happen.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us. 

If you are reaching out for therapeutic support, you will receive a full copy of our Privacy Policy and Therapeutic Contract if we decide to work together.  If you would like to review this beforehand, please e-mail us and we will send you a copy.

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