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What do I get?


December and January are stressful when you're struggling with disordered eating.  Our Festive Self-Care Kit is designed to give you some information and tools that will support you to fight back against Diet-Culture and hopefully make things feel just a little bit more manageable. 


In lieu of running therapeutic workshops at this time of year (because everyone's SO busy!),  I've recorded 6 downloadable Webinars that will give you a low down on Diet-Culture, Holistic Self-Care, Tackling Food Anxiety, and Health at Every Size. It's like being at one of our workhops, except you'll be able to access it in your own time.  


The webinars show me in my unedited glory, which means that you'll hear the occasional word fumble.  I've deliberately chosen to keep these little bloopers because I'm a firm believer that perfection doesn't exist, and I also feel that you deserve to see the real me -- not the edited version.  Be sure to check out the preview video below x


You'll also get some resources to help you manage food guilt, diet-chat, and create health-promoting New Year Resolutions that have nothing to do with trying to change your body.  I've also included some extra resources like book recommendations, recorded meditations, and downloadable affirmations to help you take your learning one step further. 




How does it work?


Once you've paid (via PayPal) to access the content, you will be redirected to a page that has your purchase details.  Scroll down a little bit and click on the link that says "Download".  It may take a short while for it to download on your computer, as it's quite a large zip folder.  Once it downloads, you can start watching the Webinars, but be sure to do so in order!  The content is available to access for 30 days from date of purchase. 


Terms and Conditions:


Although I am a registered psychotherapist,  this kit is for educational and informational purposes only.  It's definitely not a substitution for seeking professional support from a qualified Therapist or Dietitian. Think of it as an online webinar version of a self-help workbook.


With this being said, at certain points throughtout this kit I will ask you to reflect on your own experience via Journal Quetions.  It's recommended that you have a journal, or some paper and a pen at hand so you can hit pause and reflect on these questions in order to get the most out of the material. However,  if you find that you're feeling emotionally triggered or overwhelmed, it's absolutely ok to stop or skip the questions.  It's important that you go through this kit at your own pace and respect your internal cues.  


Equally, I've recorded meditations in the Download section for you to follow up with - but please only use them if it feels comfortable enough to do so.  Meditation is a fabulous way of grounding yourself and connecting mind and body, but they sometimes don't feel safe if you have experienced trauma.  So again, please respect your own process and journey.  


I would always recommend seeking professional support if you're trying to over come disordered eating or an eating disorder xx


Festive Self-Care Kit

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