Anxiety is a normal part of life, it's our body and our brain doing what they are supposed to do to protect us from real or perceived danger.   But, the sensations that accompany anxiety can leave us feeling overwhelmed or panicked.  Meditation and grounding exercises can support us to recognise the sensations of anxiety and respond to them with kindness. 


This Anxiety Meditation Pack contains a digital zip file with 24 minutes of meditations and grounding exercises that I frequently use in session with my clients.  You can download the recordings and use in your own time. 


Note:  Although these recordings are trauma-informed, it's important to note that sometimes focusing on bodily sensations can be triggering if you've experienced trauma. I trust you to only do what feels right for you and your body xx



This pack contains 4 grouding exercises and meditations:


- 1 x 5 min "Grounding your feet"  exercise

- 1 x 4 min "5-2-7 Breathing" exercise

- 1 x 9 min "Sitting with (not in) anxiety" expansion meditation

- 1 x 6 min "Anxiety Grounding" meditation


I hope you find them helpful, especially right now xx





Anxiety Meditation Pack